Interview about social insects

In an interview Prof. Niels Werber (University of Siegen, Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Study Konstanz, Center of Exzellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration") and Prof. Giovanni Galizia (University of Konstanz, Director of the Zukunftskolleg) swapped subject-specific ideas on social insects. For Niels Werber the research is of sociological and literary intrest and he works to find out to what extent one can consider the social structure of ants as a model which can applied to particular problems in the society. Giovanni Galizia in his term examines the brain of bees to detect how the insects process the scents and communicate by the means of these scents. This newsworthy interview reveals similar aspects of the researchers and diffrences between them and shows how important it is to conduct not only disciplinary research but also interdisciplinary one. Here you can find the interview wich is currently only available in German language.