First Two Research Visits Awarded

Jolle Jolles (Postdoctoral Fellow/Dept. of Biology) and Yonatan Gez (Martin Buber Society/Dept. of History and Sociology) are the first winners of a research visit at the Zukunftskolleg.

The new support measure aims at increasing the international mobility of our fellows and enlarge the intercultural atmosphere at the Zukunftskolleg. The Research Visits programme encourages temporary international research stays for our fellows to a partner Institute for Advanced Study or any international research university (Outgoing Research Visits), as well as inviting excellent, early career researchers from around the world to visit the Zukunftskolleg for up to three months (Incoming Research Visits).

The research visits facilitate research cooperation or publications, enable new teaching experiences or provide for a scientific retreat for fellows to complete papers, books or project proposals. It offers an opportunity to finish ongoing work and/or to identify and explore new and innovative research directions. Jolle Jolles applied for an Outgoing Research Visit to set-up a collaboration with research partners in northern Spain to explore possibilities for setting-up some exciting new field work on schooling fish. Yonatan Gez applied for an Incoming Research Visit. He will use the research stay at the Zukunftskolleg to advance a list of long-pending publications.

Further Information on the Research Visits programme.