FET-Open Xtrack Grant for Daniele Brida

Daniele Brida was successful in applying for a FET-Open Xtrack grant, funded by the EU. The granted GEMINI (GErmanium MId-infrared plasmoNIcs for sensing)-project aims at laying the foundations for a novel paradigm in surface-enhanced infrared sensing by exploiting plasmonic effects in heavily-doped germanium on silicon. It involves four research groups, one lead by Daniele Brida. The whole project receives funding for a total amount of more than 1.7 million euros, 300.000 euros of which will be allocated to Daniele Brida´s group. FET-Open (Future and Emerging Technologies Open Scheme) is a research funding scheme of the EU specifically designed to be open and continuously responsive to novel and fragile ideas that challenge current thinking, whenever they arise and wherever they come from.