Environment Award 2018 for Denis Gebauer

Denis Gebauer (Research Fellow / Dept. of Chemistry) is this year’s winner of the Environment Award funded by the LBS Landesbausparkasse Südwest (state home loans and savings bank). The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros.

Together with the Landesbausparkasse Südwest, the foundation “Umwelt und Wohnen an der Universität Konstanz” grants an annual science award. The Environment Award recognises scientists and academics at the University of Konstanz who carry out successful research projects on the topic of environment with a special focus on habitation, living, and society.

Denis Gebauer is honoured for his habilitation (post-doctoral qualification) entitled “Der Pränukleationscluster-Weg – Eine alternative physikalisch-chemische Betrachtung der Phasenseparation”. Gebauer specialises in the controlled crystallisation of solids. Working with calcium carbonate and cellulose, he managed to create a hybrid material that resembles mother-of-pearl but outperforms the natural example by its capability to absorb impacts before breaking. His insights are of particular relevance to the development of new building materials.

The award ceremony took place on 10 July on the premises of the LBS Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart.

Find out more about the Environment Award here

For more information on Denis Gebauer, please visit: http://www.gebauerlab.com/