Interdisciplinary Workshop: Sicherheit

Friday, 07. Juli 2017
– Sunday, 09. Juli 2017

Lubmin, Baltic Sea

Andrea Lailach

Andrea Lailach, Jürgen Simon, Peter Stöckel u.a.

This workshop is co-organized by Andrea Lailach-Hennrich, Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg associated with the Department of Philosophy.

The german word 'Sicherheit' has more than one meaning. It can mean 'savety', 'security' or 'certanity'. During the workshop we will discuss several questions that are related with the topic in a truly interdisciplinary way.

For several years, Andrea Lailach-Hennrich and her colleagues have been organizing a workshop once a year, where they consider one specific topic from different perspectives. On the website, left side, you will find an archive of past workshops. The idea behind it is simple. People spend a weekend together discussing interesting issues. Although the speakers are experts in their field it is a non-academic workshop. The main focus is to have fun in a very intellectual way.

The structure of the workshop is the following: On Friday there is a coming together. If the weather is nice, there will be a barbecue. Saturday there will be the talks and a nice dinner afterwards. On sunday, there is usually the possibility to go on a hike.

Children are very welcome. There will be a children's program.

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Andrea Lailach: Sichere Gründe? Wie rechtfertigen wir unsere Überzeugungen.

Jürgen Simon: Wieviel Sicherheit können / wollen wir uns leisten?

Peter Stöckel: Sicherheit in der Pharmaindustrie: Wieviel Wirkstoff enthält die Tablette wirklich?

Holger Lößner: Wie sicher ist Gentechnik 2.0?

Harald Fuchs: Versorgungssicherheit

Ulrich Schuster: IT-Security, Vertrauen, und Security Economics

Markus Streichardt: Sinn und Zweck von (Staats-)Grenzen in Zeiten der Globalisierung

Andreas Schoberth: private IT-Sicherheit