Workshop: Modeling Causal Dependencies in Formal Semantics

Monday, 22. May 2017
10.00 – 17.30

Y 132

Sven Lauer, Arno Goebel

Katrin Schulz (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Sven Lauer (University of Konstanz) and others

This Workshop is organized by Sven Lauer, Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg associated with the Department of Linguistics.

Please find the full programme here:

Causal dependencies play a large role in the interpretation of natural language sentences. This has been recognized for a long time, but until fairly recently, it was not directly reflected in the practice of linguistic semanticists. Only since the mid-2000s, pioneering researchers (Schulz, 2007, 2001; Kaufman 2013, a.o.) have proposed models that explicitly represent those dependencies.

This workshop showcases ongoing work(-in-progress) on the representation of causal dependencies in the context of formal semantics of natural language, bringing together a recognized expert on the topic and a number of young researchers from the linguistics an philosophy department at the University of Konstanz. The workshop is generously supported by the DFG Research Unit "What If? On the meaning, relevance, and epistemology of counterfactual claims and thought experiments."


  • Arno Goebel (University of Konstanz)
  • Eva Csipak (University of Konstanz)
  • Katrin Schulz (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
  • Sven Lauer (University of Konstanz); talk prepared jointly with Prerna Nadathur (Stanford University)
  • Antje Rumberg (Konstanz)
  • Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford University, Zukunftskolleg Senior Fellow) will participate in the workshop as a special guest