Jour Fixe Programme

The Jour Fixe is the weekly interdisciplinary session for the Fellows and Senior Fellows. Here they discuss the progress of their work, present results, share and encounter questions from other disciplines and explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary collaboration.

(Up to date: 14.11.2017; subject to modifications)

Nr. Date Room Information
1 02.-03.11.2017 V 1001
A 704

Meeting of the Advisory Board and
Zukunftskolleg 10-year anniversary

2 08.11.2017 M 627
A 704

University Day with the Hegau Bodensee Seminar on


3 15.11.2017 Y 311

Assembly of members

Election of a new member of the Executive Committee

 4 22.11.2017 Y 311

Maria Cruz Berrocal

Affiliated with the Dept. of History andSociology

Local archaeology in Heping Dao, a global history of Taiwan

5 29.11.2017 Y 311

Andrea Lailach-Hennrich

Affiliated with the Dept. of Philosophy

On Consciousness and Attention, or the making of scientific psychology: Wilhelm Wundt.

 6 06.12.2017 Y 311

Tilman Triphan

Affiliated with the Dept. of Biology

Nature and Culture – a false dichotomy?

 7 13.12.2017 Y 311

Dennis Pingen

Affiliated with the Dept. of Chemistry

Integrated Work-Up and Catalytic Upgrading of Microalgae Derived Oils

8 20.12.2017 Y 311

Christmas Session

9 10.01.2018 Y 311

Torsten Pietsch

Affiliated with the Dept. of Physics

Absolute Zero: cryogenics & the mastery of cold - the coolest science ever

10 17.01.2018 Y 311

Special Session

How international is academia?
11 24.01.2018 Y 311

Special Session

How international is academia?
12 31.01.2018 Y 311

Introduction: "Transfer Teaching"

Film discussion

"Der Schläfer"

13 05.02.2018 A 704

Vinod Subramaniam (Senior Fellow)

Zukunftskolleg Lecture

Life’s Origami: Protein Folding, Misfolding, and Human Diseases

14 14.02.2018 Y 311

Konstantin Käppner ?

Affiliated with the Department of Politics and Public Administration

Weekly Jour Fixe sessions take place from 11:45 to 13:15 pm. Attendance on invitation only.

Meetings of the Executive Committee, 14:00 to 16:00 pm in Y 132:

October 18, 2017
November 15, 2017
January 17, 2018
February 14, 2018