AAA* Fellowship


The Zukunftskolleg’s AAA Fellowships support early career researchers from Africa, Asia and Latin America. The AAA Fellowships have a duration of up to three (or six) months and are offered to researchers related to one of the thirteen departments of the University of Konstanz. You can use this time to extend your research networks and to get to know the re-search environment at the University of Konstanz, without losing your ties to your home uni-versity. As these fellowships can build a first bridge to the German and European academic system, we also encourage doctoral students in their last year to apply. As a AAA Fellow, you will have a Zukunftskolleg Fellow as a partner who will help you integrate into your re-spective department and will support you during your research.

Funding follows DAAD rules and will include a stipend of 1.200€/ month and a contribution to travelling to Konstanz and back. The Zukunftskolleg will not offer employment contracts for AAA fellows. You may negotiate a contribution to health insurance and visa costs with the Central Office after the application was granted by the Executive Committee.

*After the publication of this call, we learned that in the 1970s and 1980s the acronym "AAA" also referred to paramilitary organisations in Argentina, Colombia and Spain. We distance ourselves from these political movements and will change the title of the Fellowship with the next call.

Benefits for visiting researchers

  • Status as associated Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg;
  • The opportunity to present your research work to an interdisciplinary community at the Zukunftskolleg’s weekly Jour Fixe;
  • Interaction with a lively international community of peers and support with contacting other researchers in your area of research;
  • Access to events organized by the Zukunftskolleg;
  • Access to library resources;
  • Access to IT services;
  • Access to research support services (via Research Support, Academic Staff Development);
  • Access to soft skill and cultural awareness courses (via Welcome Center, Academic Staff Development and external cooperation partners).

Obligations for visiting researchers

  • You will live in Konstanz or nearby throughout the AAA Fellowship (the Welcome Centre of the University of Konstanz will gladly provide support with all organisational aspects of relocating to Konstanz);
  • You will actively contribute to the interdisciplinary dialogue at the Zukunftskolleg during the weekly Jour Fixe meetings (during semester);
  • You will interact with fellows and researchers in relevant departments at the University of Konstanz;
  • You will give a presentation in a seminar or a public lecture;
  • You will acknowledge Zukunftskolleg support in any publications resulting from the stay;
  • You will write a short report (1 page) on your activities and achievements (within 6 months of completing your AAA Fellowship).


  • You are from an AAA country.
  • You hold a doctorate or equivalent professional qualification OR are a doctoral student in

    your last year. Please provide either the certificate or a letter from your supervisor com-

    menting on the progress of your doctoral thesis.

  • You do not hold a permanent academic position or a professorship, nor do you have a

    Habilitation or equivalent (Venia legendi).

  • Your research project should tie in with one of the disciplines represented at the Univer-

    sity of Konstanz.

  • You should identify a researcher at the University of Konstanz with whom you intend to collaborate. Preference will be given to applicants who plan to team up with one of our current

    Zukunftskolleg Fellows.


FAQ for AAA* Fellowships

*After the publication of this call, we learned that in the 1970s and 1980s the acronym "AAA" also referred to paramilitary organizations in Argentina, Colombia and Spain. We distance our-selves from these political movements and will change the title of the Fellowship with the next call.

Q: “I am unsure if my country belongs to an AAA country. Is there a list of countries you could me provide me with?”
A: “No. For the fellowship we have only broadly defined the geographical areas without linking it to political borders. There is no list of (in)eligible countries”.

Q: “I currently work/live in a non-AAA country, am I still eligible?”
A: “Yes. We do not demand the current residency in an AAA country. However, if you do work/ reside in a non-AAA country, you might give some explanations for your benefit for an AAA Fellowship at the Zukunftskolleg.”

Q: “Can I apply, if a have a permanent position at the university, but not yet a professorship?” 
A: “If you have a permanent position, but you are not in control of your own research agenda, then please explain the situation, and you may well be eligible. The purpose of AAA fellowships is to create networks at the pre-professorial level.”

Q: “Your criteria are very specific, but do not apply to the academic structure in my country. How can I apply?”
A: “We know that with different systems, different traditions, and different names for positions it is impossible to have a description of our AAA fellowship that would match all countries. So, please explain the academic structures in your country, and the committee will take that into account.”

Q: “I am still writing my PhD, maybe in the last year - but having an AAA fellowship would disrupt my final phase, what should I do?”
A: “We do not want to disrupt the current research, or to fund parts of your PhD research. In your situation, therefore, it would be best to apply in the next call. In most cases, the best time to apply during a PhD is after submitting the thesis, and before defending it."

Q: “The call states the focus on early career researchers. Is there an age limit for the application?”
A: “There is no formal age limit, although the candidates’ achievements should be in line with their "academic age". You should not yet have a permanent position in academia (see also question above)”.

Q:”Will I need to contact a researcher or Zukunftskolleg Fellow to support my application”
A:”No. We only ask you to identify suitable researchers or Fellows in advance of your application and provide us with a list of names and if possible some information on potential collaboration activities. Please use our website, the university catalog or a web search engine to search for suitable research contacts at the University of Konstanz”

Q: “I could not identify a current Fellow that matches my research interest, but could link up to other researchers at the University. Can I still apply?
A:”Yes. We encourage collaboration with our Fellows as this will also ease integration into the Zukunftskolleg community – in particular keeping in mind the relatively short duration of the fellowships. How-ever, as we only have a limited number of Fellows, you are also eligible to apply if your research interest fit with another researchers at the university. The selection committee will in particular examine your research project description in combination with your timeline and objectives for your research stay.”

Q: Can I apply if I am doing experimental research and need laboratory space during my fellowship?
A: At present, we unfortunately cannot offer laboratory space for experimental work in the STEM fields. The scholarship will provide you with the time to complete theoretical work, evaluate available data, write review articles and, most importantly, get in contact with researchers from the Zukunftskolleg and the University of Konstanz.