Jour fixe: An insect's perspective on flowers - from inspection to pattern recognition

Tuesday, 31. January 2023
15:15 - 16:30

Y326 / hybrid


Anna Stöckl (Research Fellow / Biology)


Insect visual systems perform remarkable feats, extending in sensitivity to dim starlight and rapidly processing complex temporal and spatial stimuli. Their output provides the basis for intricate locomotor control, as well as crucial behavioural decisions. This is exemplified by insect pollinators, which inspect and choose-between suitable flowers, using features such as colour, shape or patterns to decide which flowers to approach. The neural basis underlying these abilities sheds light on the efficient processing strategies implemented in their miniature brains, and provides a model for robust visuo-motor control. I will present data from current projects on the role of patterns for flower inspection in hawkmoths and bees, and introduce how we plan to unravel the neural basis of pattern recognition in the insect brain.