Jour fixe: "Change, Progress and Complexity" at the university

Tuesday, 21. January 2020
15:15 – 16:45

Y 326


Special Jour fixe on topic of the term "Change, Progress and Complexity"

Sebastian Findeisen (Dept. of Economics)

Stefan Leins (Dept. of History and Sociology / Anthropology, focusing on cultures of economy):

Complexity in economic practice: A case for ethnography

Modern economic market structures and practices are usually said to be complex and thus hard to understand. Indeed, they are many times transnational, multi-layered, and often based on highly specialized expertise. In my talk, I will argue that ethnography – anthropology's method of studying and describing cultural settings – is destined to deconstruct such complex fields and reveal the cultural rationales behind modern economic structures and practices. I will do so by referring to the expert practice of stock market forecasting, which heavily builds upon cultural and social techniques and cannot to be understood without consideration of the "human" that always stands at the center of economic action.