Jour Fixe: The Role of Age in Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, 08. January 2019
15:15 – 16:45

Y 326

Hannes Zacher (Chair for Work and Organizational Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Leipzig University)

The workforce is not only aging, but also becoming increasingly age diverse, with important implications for several work-related processes and outcomes. In this talk, I discuss the role of chronological age in leadership and entrepreneurship. While leadership refers to the process of influencing others by structuring tasks and relationships in a team, entrepreneurship is defined as the process of identifying and exploiting promising business opportunities. I first present a lifespan model of leadership and followership, as well as the results of a number of empirical studies designed to test the model's propositions. Findings suggest that age and age-related characteristics (e.g., motives to lead, age stereotypes) can impact on the leader-follower relationship and, subsequently, leadership success. Second, I present results from my research program on age in the entrepreneurial process. Findings suggest that several age-related characteristics (e.g., experience, time perspective) influence how entrepreneurs turn business opportunities into entrepreneurial intentions and venture success. I conclude with several ideas for future research and practical implications.

Foto: AU Photo, Aarhus University, Denmark
Foto: AU Photo, Aarhus University, Denmark