Workshop on “Un/certainty”

Wednesday, 27. June 2018
– Saturday, 30. June 2018

Wasserturm & University

Zukunftskolleg & Martin Buber Society

This event is part of an event series „Joint Workshop of Martin Buber Society & Zukunftskolleg“.


Wednesday, June 27: Un/certainty Kick-off

4:40 pm: Transfer B&B → Münster

5:00 pm: A historical walk through Konstanz
“Un/certainty in Past, Present and Future”
Starting point: Münster

7:00 pm: Registration & joint Welcome Dinner
Restaurant "Le Sud"

Thursday, June 28: Feeling Un/certainty

9:00 am: Welcoming Remarks Wasserturm
Coffee and Get-to-know

10:00 am: Poster Group Work: Wasserturm

Session 1

Group I: Challenges & Errors
Hosts: Lina Nikou and Yonathan Gez (both MBS)

Group II: Goals & Relevance
Host: Dennis Pingen (Zuko)

Group III: Methods & Tools
Host: Jan Kühne (MBS)

Group IV: Truth
Host: Bianca Gaudenzi (Zuko)

12:00 am: Joint Lunch for all Groups, restaurant "esszimmer"

1:00 pm: Poster Group Work, Wasserturm

Session 2

Same groups continue working on the posters

4:00 pm: Transfer to University (B&B Konstanz → University)

4:15 pm: Short Tour on Campus, starting point: Zukunftskolleg

5:00 pm: Keynote Lecture, University Konstanz, A 702 with Wolfgang Seibel (Politics and Public Administration, Konstanz University, Kuko Permanent Fellow, MBS Academic Committee), lecture title: "Intended Uncertainty – Moral and Institutional Issues"

6:30 pm: Poster Party University, K 7
BBQ with Poster Presentation
“Feeling Un/certainty”

8:00 pm: Summer Party University, K 7
With DJ Eddy Decembrino

Friday, June 29: Working with Un/certainty

9:00 am: Coffee and Networking Wasserturm

9:30 am: Panel 1, Wasserturm
Sven Lauer (Linguistics/Zuko) & Natasha Korotkova (Linguistics/MBS)
"Communication with and about Un/certainty"
Session chair: Yigal Bronner

10:30 am: Coffee Break

11:00 am: Panel 2, Wasserturm
Orly Lewis (History/MBS)
"Do Scientists and Historians of Science Need Each Other?"

Elizabeth Yohannes (Biology/ Zuko)
"Certaining as Routines in Analytical Biochemical Lab Activities"
Session chair: Giovanni Galizia

12:00 am: Lunch, restaurant "esszimmer"

1:00 pm: Panel 3, Wasserturm
Mirco Göpfert (Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology/Cluster of Excellence)
"Circular Un/certainty: Espionage, Secrets and Black Holes in Ethnography"
Session chair: Giovanni Galizia

2:00 pm: Coffee Break

2:30 pm: Panel 4, Wasserturm
Andrea Lailach-Hennrich (Philosophy/Zuko)
"Knowledge and Un/certainty"

Assaf Nativ (Archaeology/MBS)
“If All You Have is a Hammer…”: Some Thoughts on Un/certainty, (In)action and Pluralism

Doris Penka (Linguistics/Zuko)
"Expressing Un/certainty in Language. The Case of ‘at least’"
Session chair: Yigal Bronner

4:00 pm: Coffee Break

4:30 pm: Discussion on Workshop, Wasserturm
Output and 2nd Part of the Workshop
Taking Place in Jerusalem

6:30 pm: Reception, Chair Summary and Closing Remarks
Restaurant "Bleiche"

7:30 pm: Dinner "Bleiche"

Saturday, June 30: Experiencing Un/certainty

10:30 am: Moving on un/certain ground, Kanu Club
Dragon boating

1:00 pm: Networking & Lunch (self-paid), restaurant " Aurelio"