Jour Fixe: Size in Political Science: Ethnic groups, power and distributional politics

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018
11.45 – 13.15 Uhr

Y 311


Janina Beiser-McGrath

This week's Jour Fixe will be presented by Janina Beiser-McGrath. Janina is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg affiliated with the Department of Politics and Public Administration.

The size of groups is a fundamental part of many processes investigated by Political Scientists. The third instalment of the Jour Fixe mini-series about "Size" focuses on the importance of ethnic groups and their size in many states around the world. The size of ethnic groups can affect outcomes from election results to the likelihood of political violence. This talk will look at the role that ethnic groups' size plays for the distribution of power and resources in a state.

This Jour Fixe presentation is part of the special Jour fixe series "Size", organised by Carolin Antos-Kuby (Research Fellow/Dept. of Philosophy), Janina Beiser-McGrath (Postdoctoral Fellow/Dept. of Politics and Public Administration) and Klaus Boldt (Research Fellow/Dept. of Chemistry).