Jour Fixe: Special Jour Fixe on new Funding Programme "Research Visits"

Dienstag, 20. November 2018
15:15 – 16:45 Uhr

Y 326

Yonatan Gez (History and Sociology), Kazuhisa Takemura (Psychology), and Jolle Wolter Jolles (Biology)

Yonatan Gez (Visiting Researcher / History and Sociology):
“Introducing Project SALMEA (Self-Accomplishment and Local Moralities in Eastern Africa)”


In his talk, he will be presenting a new research project that has recently been accepted for funding, and which he co-authored alongside a team of scholars from France and Switzerland (Project SALMEA, 2019-2022).
Project SALMEA aims at studying the ways in which people in East Africa shape their lives to access and transmit wealth, obtain authority and power, and gain respectability and social influence using different repertoires of principles and values. In other words, its main objective is to understand the dynamic relations between self-accomplishment and morality. In addition to its academic innovation, the project is expected to have wide-ranging implications for the ability of governments, civil society actors, and development organizations to facilitate interventions that benefit people and help them live better lives.

Jolle Jolles (Postdoctoral Fellow / Biology):
“A Research visit to Northern Spain: Exploring field-work potential”

Jolle Jolles´ research is focused on understanding the causes and consequences for individual differences and collective animal behaviour. Part of his research focuses on understanding how individual and collective behaviour are shaped by the natural environment and potential human-induced changes. With his research visit grant he visited the University of Girona in Northern Spain to explore potential for field work to investigate this important aspect of his research. In his short talk at the Jour Fixe he will give a brief overview of his project ideas and open questions and the opportunities and possibilities he has been able to reveal during his visit.

Kazuhisa Takemura (Visiting Researcher / Psychology):
“Lessons from visiting Zukunftskolleg“

Kazuhisa Takemura will give a talk on three aims, achievements, and problems of his visit to the Zukunftskolleg during 5 weeks.  The first aim was to learn how to organize and manage the institute of advanced study from people at the Zukunftskolleg. The second aim was to communicate with researchers at the University of Konstanz and to learn from them. The last aim was to write some books and chapters on decision making  through communication at the Zukunftskolleg. He will discuss on the achievements, the limitations, and some issues that require particular attention by us.