Workshop: New Perspectives on the Micro-Dynamics of Political Violence

Thursday, 21. September 2017
– Friday, 22. September 2017



Janina Beiser (Zukunftskolleg/University of Konstanz), Belén González (University of Mannheim), and others

The classic study of international relations has equipped contemporary conflict research with a
thorough understanding of political agency and strategic behavior. However, the recent trend
towards disaggregated research designs and causal identification suggests that micro-dynamics and individual-level perspectives in episodes of political violence are governed by additional factors. Theoretically, non-unitary political actors, asymmetric strategic utilities, and local conflict
dynamics have moved into the focus of conflict research. Methodologically, conflict event data,
spatial statistics, remote sensing data, empirically seeded Agent-Based Models, and advanced
survey designs help to craft suitable research designs. To foster exchange between leading scholars in the area, we invite paper proposals on the micro-dynamics of political violence and contentious politics.

The workshop is organised by Sebastian Schutte (Research Fellow/Dept. of Politics and Public Administration) and Constantin Ruhe (Associated Fellow/Dept. of Politics and Public Administration).

Please find the programme here.

The workshop is funded by the German Foundation of Peace Research (DSF) and the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz.