What Do Boiling Water and Society Have in Common? Norms, Values and Beliefs in Social and Political Networks

Jour Fixe talk by Maroussia Favre on June 14, 2017

Maroussia Favre is a Bridge Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg affiliated with the Department of Politics and Public Administration. 

In her talk addressing an interdisciplinary audience, she briefly explained why some physicists (like herself) migrate into the social and political sciences. She then laied out her current project and main research interest, which is to model formally one of the theories positing that different ways of thinking, behaving, or voting, are anchored in our social relations. Along the way, she brushed over three themes, namely the inadequacy of a single left-right political dimension, bounded rationality, and a suggestion on how our norms, values and beliefs justify and are justified by the way we organize our social relations.