Transgressing directions

Jour Fixe talk by Grey Violet on May 24, 2017

Grey Violet is an Associated Fellow of the Zukunftskolleg affiliated with the Department of Mathematics.

Grey will present a double presentation on two different parts of zir activities and expertise: mathematics and radikal performance art.

Moving points on a plane. Moving oneself in space. These two actions could be seen among the simplest ones possible. Trying to rethink and reinterpret these basic actions in different ways gives a possibility to transfer thoughts and notions between different faraway fields of human action and to provide new motivations and questions for each of them. Movement of points on a plane opens a fruitful connections between such an applied science as control theory and different mathematical fields: from algebraic geometry to singularity theory, from topology to analysis. Movement of oneself in space opens borders between performance art, literature and political activism: That's the way how actionist art made it's way to existence.