Förderkreis Tel Aviv

Student Exchange with the University of Konstanz


The scholarship of the 'Förderkreis' gives you the unique opportunity to spend six months at the University of Konstanz, a small but high ranking university in the beautiful landscape of southern Germany.

If you want to work on your MA or doctoral thesis in quiet surroundings, please apply now!


Please download and fill in application form and send it to the Office for Inter-Academic Affairs

About us

In May of 1987, a cooperative agreement was signed between the University of Konstanz and the University of Tel Aviv on the initiative of the Swiss industrialist Kurt Lion and Professor Dr. E.R. Wiehn from the University of Konstanz with the purpose of establishing long-term cooperation in research and teaching.

This cooperation took shape in the encouragement of student exchange and in the support of cooperative research projects with researchers from both universities. The student exchange, which falls under the umbrella of the Foundation for the Cooperation of the Universities of Konstanz and Tel Aviv e.V., makes it possible for advanced and outstanding students from any faculty at the University of Tel Aviv to study abroad at the University of Konstanz each semester.

The University of Konstanz is a young reform university with top-level research and high-grade teaching founded in 1966 on the idyllic shores of Lake Constance. The university is noted for its flat structures and short distances, promoting close interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as for its distinctive profile featuring interdisciplinarity, innovation, an irresistible zest for research and a culture of creativity. The University of Konstanz is one of eleven German universities whose Institutional Strategy to Promote Top-Level Research is being supported by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments.

The range of teaching offered to more than 11,300 students includes study opportunities in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities as well as Law, Economics and Politics. With more than 100 clearly structured study programmes the University of Konstanz offers wide possibilities for the Israeli exchange students.

In the field of research, the University of Konstanz's profile is essentially shaped through collaboration that extends beyond the bounds of subjects, departments and faculties. The university’s four key priorities in research are (1) Cultural Studies and (2) Decision Sciences (in the fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences), (3) Life Sciences and Ecology as well as (4) Nano and Materials Sciences (in the fields of the Natural Sciences).