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Mentor Anne Imberty at the Zukunftskolleg


, a research institute of the CNRS. On June 10 Anne Imberty will give a lecture on “Structural glycobiology of host recognition by lectins from opportunistic bacteria”, at 3:15 p.m. in L 602 at the University of Konstanz. More information about Anne Imberty´s research group can be found at

Hao Hu

Hu Hao PhD student E-Mail: Hao.Hu@... Phone: 3464 Room: P919 Research Interests My research centers around the perovskite-sensitized solar cells, with a focus on using perovskite to coat nanostructured layers. Ordered nanostructures (such as TiO 2 nanowires) will facilitate HTM solution (such as spiro-MeOTAD) to fill up the pores in the nanostructured layer. By employing different metal oxide nanostructures and interface engineering techniques (such as doping the metal-oxides or the …


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field of game studies and to expand the canon of video game research by new approaches to digital gaming. This means that we intend to introduce, discuss and expand such approaches as narratology [...] Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Philosophy of Science by showing the role of political, socio-cultural and historical influences on scientific research. Recently, the production of scientific [...] ., Couillard N., « Les musées, acteurs sur le Web », in Lettre de l’OCIM, 142, July 2012. 2. 3. Desvallées A., Schärer M., Drouguet N., « …