Stadt Konstanz mit Blick auf den Rhein. Bildrechte: Tourist Information Konstanz GmbH

Konstanz on the shores of Lake Constance

A city with 600 years of conference experience


The city of Konstanz, with its 85,000 inhabitants and an area of 54 square kilometres, is the largest city in the Lake Constance region. The 15 city districts are located on both sides of the Rhine river. The city's shore line of around 34 km is a magnet for both inhabitants and tourists. Konstanz, in the far south of Germany, borders on the neighbouring Swiss town of Kreuzlingen.

Konstanz as a location for business and science

With its international flair and more than 3,300 companies, Konstanz is an extremely attractive location for business and science. The lively university city is the perfect location for conferences of extraordinary quality – and not just because of the mild climate in the Lake Constance region.


Konstanz's roots reach back to ancient times, but the city became famous for hosting the largest 'conference' in that era: the Council of Constance from 1414 to 1418. Around 50,000 participants visited the town of only 6,000 inhabitants. You can still sense the atmosphere from its historic past in nearly all parts of the old town.

  • View of the old town. Usage rights: Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH
  • Imperia statue at the harbour, Council Building in the background. Usage rights: Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH
  • View of the harbour. Usage rights: Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH
  • Motor boat "Möwe" with Imperia statue in the background. Usage rights:Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH
  • University of Konstanz overlooking Mainau Island. Usage rights: Universität Konstanz/Michael Kieninger.
  • The Schnetztor. Usage rights: Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH
  • Reichenau Island. Usage rights: Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH
  • The cathedral. Usage rights: Tourist-Information Konstanz GmbH


You experience great hospitality in Konstanz. Hotels rich in tradition and well-known restaurants create culinary delights from the Lake Constance area all year round. The old town invites you to explore its picturesque alleys and sights as well as its wide variety of shops, restaurants and cafes.


Take your pick from the city's events calendar: concerts of the south-west German philharmonic orchestra, the city's theatre, museums on archaeology, history, the natural history of the region, the Sea Life Centre, art exhibitions or traditional events such as the Konstanz carnival (Fasnacht) or the huge summer party "Seenachtsfest" with its magnificent fireworks.


You can quickly reach famous sights such as Mainau Island and Reichenau Island (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage).


From Konstanz you can easily reach other interesting cities. Take the one-hour train trip to Zurich or visit Friedrichshafen by ferry and bus (only 40 minutes).

Enjoy Konstanz and its beautiful surroundings. We look forward to seeing you here!

By courtesy of Konstanz Tourist-Information.