general terms and conditions

- Info: On the whole sport facilities, camping- and festivalarea glass bottles are prohibited.

For cancellation of booked services of Eurokonstantia we have the following rules:

- Because of the administrative effort, a cancellation of booked services is only possible in exceptional cases and is always combined with a service fee of € 10,00.

- If we receive the cancellation (personal, written cancellation) within 21 days before the event, there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the costs. From 5 days before the event and later, there is no possibility for refund.

- If the free place is booked again by someone else, you only have to pay the service fee.

- If you can proof, that your cancellation causes no, or clear less loss to the University of Konstanz, than it is balanced by service and cancellation fee, you have to pay the proofed less costs instead.

- All the graphical material taken during the event may be used everytime and at no charge by the Hochschulsport of the University of Konstanz.

- As the host the Academic Sports Service recommends the conclusion of an additional travel cancellation insurance and a private accident insurance.

- The personalised participant ID card which you receive once you are here also serves as entrance card for all side-events and as ticket for taking all meals. If you lose your ID card you cannot benefit anymore from these services. The ID card can be re-issued for a replacement fee of € 30.00.

- There is a maximum number of teams for each sport which can be registered by each university: Two teams for each sport are allowed, except streetball, tennis and beach volleyball where three teams are possible.

The University of Konstanz, the HTWG and the PHTG are excluded from this rule. We reserve the right to run a qualifying tournament before the Eurokonstantia for the three named institutions if there is a great demand for participation.

Last update of terms and conditions: 01.01.2015
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