Workshops in the library
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Courses and Workshops on Writing

In order to competently master your writing tasks, you need a range of very different competences. Writing lab reports and seminar papers is one thing, but there are many more areas of writing and text types.

Current courses and workshops

The writing centre offers a range of courses on writing. For current events, see our events page.

Writing courses are part of the program offered by  the Centre for Transferable Skills (SQ). You can search the current offers in ZEuS. Find out about our current offers in the LSF (Interdisciplinary Programmes / Transferable Skills, Writing and Presenting in Science and Job) on topics all around student writing, for example

  • writing as part of your degree
  • writing in a foreign language
  • journalistic writing
  • creative writing
  • literary writing
  • editing as a profession
  • online writing

Some departments also offer subject specific courses on academic work and writing. Find out more in your department or ask us at the writing centre.

We take a holistic view of promoting writing competence and therefore work with many other departments at the university. Further offers around writing include:

  • language competence (SLI)
  • multilingualism (advisor for Diversity at the equal opportunity office)
  • subject specific aspects of academic writing (departments)
  • information literacy, research and reference management as well as word processing (Communication, Information and Media Services KIM)

You can find out more about which courses are offered in the LSF, at the points of call mentioned above or from us.