Information for rental owners

Our services:

Our Welcome Center team informs, advises and supports international researchers and their families with all kinds of organisational matters, both before and during their stay in Konstanz.

We provide a broad range of services, including providing assistance with travel and stay requirements, arranging childcare, getting appropriate insurance coverage, finding housing and much more.

Our clientèle:

We serve international doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, visiting scientists and newly appointed professors at the University of Konstanz. Generally, these academics stay at the University of Konstanz between two months and five years.

Our services for you

- We are a neutral party in all rent-related matters.
- We accompany your new tenants to appointments such as picking up the key, signing the rental agreement and returning the key/apartment.
- We help you find reliable, longer-term tenants for your vacation rental during the winter months.
- We help you find potential follow-up tenants
- Our language assistance keeps communication smooth.

Please send us the following information:

availability, number of rooms, size in square metres, address, price: rent and utilities (separate) or rent including utilities, deposit amount, furnishings, extras, requirements (if applicable).

We would also appreciate any pictures you can provide of your accommodations.