The advisory board

Exchanging ideas between different interest groups

We engage regularly in lively dialogue with our advisory board. It has 12 members who include various areas of the university, students as well as external individuals representing the interests of the city of Konstanz and the business sphere. We discuss our strategic orientation with the advisory board, receive feedback on our past and future projects and gather input on content and relevant methods

Anja Eisenbeiß (Research Support) represents the university administration:
"Since I work in the area of research support at the university, my closest points of contact with the Green Office lie at the intersection between sustainability and research. Check the Research Support newsletter "Forschungsnachrichten" (in German) for calls for proposals related to the topic of sustainability. My colleagues and I advise applicants on these and other funding programmes, and we can help you make the necessary contacts".

Junior professor Sebastian Koos (Department of Politics and Public Administration) represents the university area of teaching and research:
"As a junior professor for management specializing in social responsibility, sustainable business practices are a central pillar of my research and teaching. I work closely with the Green Office on many issues involving sustainability in the university context".

Professor Giso Hahn (Department of Physics) represents the university area of teaching and research:
"As the head of photovoltaics, I work very extensively on the topic of sustainability. In close collaboration with partners from industry, we assure that cost-effective renewable energy sources quickly become an important part of the overall energy mix and that the transition to cleaner energy sources can be successful".

Alexandra Engel (Studieren ohne Grenzen) is a student and represents the university groups:
"I am a member of the student organization "Studieren Ohne Grenzen" and represent the student body in the Green Office’s advisory board. Sustainability is an issue that is very near and dear to my heart. I try to live each day as environmentally consciously as possible. The long-term environmental, social and economic effects of the projects supported by "Studieren ohne Grenzen" also play an important role for us".

Klaus Gerwig, Co-founder of CG Controlling GmbH, is an external member of the advisory board representing the business field. Since 2011, he and his company have supported businesses with sustainability management. The company provides its own cii software to assist management with planning and and monitoring the success of their sustainability targets. This enables businesses to implement their own sustainability management.

Jonas Langen (AStA-Department for Sustainability, Social Issues & Equality) represents university policy matters.

Helmut Baumgartl is managing director of and represents Seezeit student services.

Christiane Harmsen is the coordinator for "family-friendly university" and represents the Office for Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs.

Karl Langensteiner-Schönborn (mayor) is an external advisory board member representing the city of Konstanz.

Martin Müller works in waste management and represents the area of occupational safety.

Tasso Pick works in energy management and represents Facility Management.