Teaching and science communication

University-wide agreement and the involvement of all areas is crucial for making sustainability, in all its diversity and on all levels, a topic that as many university members as possible actively support. The members of the “Teaching and science communication” sub-team thus come from many different areas of the university: all three faculties, the ASD, BiSE, Student Affairs and Teaching and Communications and Marketing.

The sub-team shares information about the topics and measures discussed by the Sustainable Development Working Group in addition to the sustainable (further) development of the entire university, for example, in the areas of construction and energy production/usage. The sub-team also networks with organizations in Germany and beyond and plays an active role in climate protection activities, efficient mobility, etc. Key goals include promoting exchange between the university and society as well as the active advancement of involvement and self-motivation in pursuit of a more sustainable future.

Spreading knowledge about sustainability includes sharing information about research results, e.g. in projects connected to the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development as well as a broad range of corresponding courses. The members of the sub-team thus support the expansion of teaching at the university on the topic of sustainable development.