Aims and tasks

What we want to achieve and what we are committed to

visible change throughout the university as a result of our structural integration in the institution. We want to awaken widespread interest among students and employees in sustainability, and equip them to take on an active, fair and responsible role in the broader social context beyond the campus.

Sustainability – what does it mean for us? Sustainability is a broad term that we encounter in many different places. But what does it mean specifically for us? And for our university? We define sustainability as: We derive our understanding of sustainability from the 3-nested-dependencies model. Ecological sustainability is all-encompassing, followed by social sustainability and finally economic sustainability. This illustration demonstrates our conviction that ecological sustainability provides the basis and conditions for social and economic sustainability. The three areas of sustainability are closely interconnected and interdependent on each other.

The available (natural) resources  are used thoughtfully and with attention to the long-term effects, so that future generations  can have access to these resources. This issue definitely comes up at our university: Here too, as in every other business, resources are used and consumed every day.