Courses offered in the area of sustainability

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, no network meetings and no basic course could be held last semester. But great news: This semester we count you as a network meeting of qualification N, the online events of the project week sustainability and also the basic seminar "Introduction to Sustainability" of qualification N, will take place online via zoom for the first time this semester, so that qualification N can go into the next round. Be curious and keep up to date via our channels!

We can also offer you great SQ seminars in online form, which you can find in ZEuS.

Introduction to Sustainability Winter Semester 20/21 (more information in ZEuS and Ilias)

The following seminars were offered in the winter semester 2020/2021:

Virtual Academy

The Virtual Academy for Sustainability is a project launched by the University of Bremen which offers interested students online courses on the subject of (ecological, economic and social) sustainability, thus enabling them to learn independently of time. Around 40 universities in Germany now use the free offer of the VA - more information at: The Virtual Academy is currently still in the planning stage as to how it will continue in the future. So far, the following event is offered within the framework of this one:

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The entire range of interdisciplinary courses in the field of sustainability can be viewed in ZEuS.