Synergies for innovation


The University of Konstanz Innovation Centre connects businesses with university research to power problem-solving, innovation, and growth.

We can create synergies with experts who will answer specific scientific questions or provide consulting in key projects. We can offer extraordinary infrastructure for analysis needs and can refer you to experienced talent in regard to specific jobs.

If your business is ready for innovative, interdisciplinary and efficient solutions, then we’re ready to help you.

Joint research projects and workshops

Is your business interested in a topic that could benefit from our expertise? Joint research projects and workshops allow businesses to join forces with university experts in areas of shared interest. Not constrained to a specific project result, they offer a creative environment where innovative ideas can flourish.

Contract research

Does your business need to address a specific problem? Contract research draws on university expertise to provide targeted and practical solutions for your business’s unique challenges.

Strategic partnerships

Investing time in a relationship pays dividends. Strategic partnerships can optimise synergies between the university and your business, ensuring that all parties continue to reap benefits in the long term.