Excellent facilities


Through the University of Konstanz, we can offer highly specialized facilities and the skilled experts to drive them. The University of Konstanz Innovation Centre can assist in coordinating facilities for you.

University of Konstanz Core Facilities

Bioimaging Center

The Bioimaging Center (BIC) is the University’s central facility for advanced light microscopy. BIC offers University members and external users access to various sophisticated microscopes, support in the scientific planning and operation of experiments, as well as professional analysis of image data. BIC is the coordination and contact centre for national and European infrastructure projects in biological imaging.


Proteomics Facility

The proteomics facility at the University of Konstanz is a mass spectrometric service facility for internal and external customers. The focal point of the facility is the mass spectrometric characterisation of proteins like molecular weight determinations, peptide mass fingerprints, proteome analysis, quantitation etc.


NMR Core Facility

The NMR Core Facility of the University of Konstanz is a service facility available to both internal and external research groups.

The focus of this facility lies in the imaging of high-resolution NMR- Spectra of organic and inorganic compounds in solutions of chemical, biological or materials science origins (Fluids NMR Spectroscopy).

These are supplemented with scientific experiments on samples that are available in solid phase (solids NMR Spectroscopy).

The ongoing operations of this research facility are supported by qualified experts in both the spectrometer and the application aspects.


More Core Facilities following soon!