We want our research to be of the greatest possible use to society. Scroll down to learn more about selected projects and innovations.

ICARUS (“International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space”) is a joint project of the University of Konstanz and the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour (Radolfzell). Using ICARUS will allow researchers to observe the global migration of wildlife. The data is used to create protected areas for animals, but also to find out whether the animals’ behaviour in the wild can be used to forecast natural disasters.

Nano and materials scientists carry out research into materials with tailor-made properties. One example is fracture-resistant cement. These materials can be used to build bridges and buildings in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

Over the past years, inequality research has evolved into a key research area at the University of Konstanz. In modern welfare states, education is one of the most important tools for combating inequality.

Using a survey of eight European countries, political scientist Professor Marius Busemeyer examines how much money people are prepared to spend on education.