Kon.Screen: Walk in to science

The University of Konstanz, the University of Konstanz Society (UGK), the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences and the city of Konstanz are starting a joint project in science communication: Kon.Screen.

The Kon.Screen is an interactive media installation made of three pentagonal frames arranged near each other. The striking black “houses” are constructed of aluminium wrapped around a bench made of high-quality, weather-resistant wood. Each one has an integrated flat screen and interactive elements that spotlight different current topics and research content from the university and HTWG Konstanz. You can use the corresponding app like a remote control for the Kon.Screen. Click through the programme and pick topics you are particularly interested in. Download the free app from the Apple Store or the Google App Store to get started. Or simply use the touchscreen itself to operate the Kon.Screen.

Four Kon.Screen locations

The Kon.Screen is also a travelling media installation. Four times a year, it moves around Konstanz:

  • In the spring: “Stadtgarten” park by the “Konzil” Council Building
  • In the summer: Mainau Island, by the seasonal gardens
  • In the autumn: “Seerhein” riverside, near the Bodenseeforum
  • In the winter: Augustinerplatz

Dive into the world of science

Visitors can rest on the Kon.Screen’s bench and take in the surrounding nature, city life or panoramic view, (depending on the current location), while also having the opportunity to dive into the world of science and research. Whether they take a quick glance or plumb the depths, visitors decide for themselves.

The design and interactive concept for the Kon.Screen was developed at the HTWG Konstanz in a project by Professor Eberhard Schlag. Three architecture students submitted the concept that won the design competition. Computer scientists from the research teams led by Professor Harald Reiterer and Professor Falk Schreiber at the University of Konstanz contributed their technical know-how and collaborated with the companies contexagon and inSynergie to bring the project and app to life. The Kon.Screen project is funded by Stadtwerke Konstanz.

We wanted to create a place that fits in well with its surroundings and invites passersby to explore it.
Carolin Hensolt, Stella Kappeler and Carla Weiland

Topic: Collective behaviour of animals

The first Kon.Screen exhibit highlights research in the field of collective behaviour: How do birds and fish coordinate movement within swarms and achieve perfect synchronization in the process? How do migratory birds like storks find their global migration routes? How can we study the swarm intelligence of animals, and which technologies can be used? The Kon.Screen explains the scientific work and research infrastructure of the Cluster of Excellence “Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour”. Among other things, visitors can learn about the ICARUS antenna system on the International Space Station (ISS) that is used to investigate the global migratory movements of animals.