Citizens create knowledge

The concept of “citizen science” addresses the idea that every person has the potential to discover something new and gain knowledge, regardless of whether he/she is a layperson or trained scientist. Have a look at two of our projects:

Animal Tracker: Members of the general public are always welcome to join our animal observation efforts. Thanks to a new project, it is now even easier to do so. The Animal Tracker app enables users to, so to speak, track wild animals’ routes worldwide in real time. Using tiny GPS homing devices, animals’ movements can be recorded and analysed by researchers.

Anyone can help: If you observe one of the tagged animals in the wild, you can upload your pictures or recordings directly to the research database using the app. This is very useful for researchers, as they seldom know what the observed animals are actually doing, even if they know where they are located. Hobby researchers can fill this gap and make a valuable contribution to science.

Konstanz life study: Our interdisciplinary Konstanz life study aims to study and track the health of Konstanz’s inhabitants. Through repeated observation periods, it is possible to establish possible connections between eating and exercise habits as well as their developments over a period of time.

Since 2012, more than 1200 Konstanz residents have taken part in the study. You are welcome to join them and participate in upcoming surveys. All participants receive information about their personal health, fitness scores and ability to concentrate.