Teaching projects

Hothouse 3.0. A structuralist exhibition

Lead by Czech artist Jaroslav Vancat, students will work on an art project that will be presented in a public exhibition opening on 7 July at 20:00 in the Palm House. This special opportunity is offered on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the German-Czech Society's presence in the Palm House.

Ethnographic inquiries in refugee support

This project seminar seeks to examine local refugee support activities by using ethnographic methods.

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Delivery of death notifications

This project, in partnership with the Polizei Online unit of the Baden-Württemberg interior ministry and the police academy in Duisburg, examines the cultural foundations for delivering death notifications responsibly.

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Wolkenstein’s poetry

This seminar, which prepares an exhibition for the Wolkensteinjahr 2018 (Wolkenstein year) in the Bildungsturm venue, is meant to turn Oswald von Wolkenstein’s poetry into a three-dimensional experience.

The increasing influx of refugees into Europe has sparked heated debates about national and EU borders. The close proximity of Konstanz to an EU border has formed a part of every inhabitant’s experience ever since. But what does living on a border actually mean? How does the border impact the lives of people living on either side in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen ideologically, territorially or practically speaking?

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