Social responsibility

We like to keep you involved!

For the University of Konstanz, to take on responsibility means first and foremost to carry out a dialogue. To promote the exchange of information for one another, with one another as well as from one another. To benefit society and advance our collaboration with partners and colleagues beyond the purely scientific work that we carry out.

This brief selection of examples will give you an idea of how different and diverse these types of exchanges are:

  • The Konstanz Science Forum was founded in 2006. It is one of the University of Konstanz’s platforms for knowledge transfer and science communications. Working at the interface of industry, politics and society, the forum acts as a dialogue partner on various topics related to higher education and research.
  • Leadership for Syria is a programme funded by the German government and organised by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the University of Konstanz. It supports Syrian students during their studies and prepares them to become future leaders in a, hopefully, peaceful Syria.
  • The “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft” (long night of the sciences) in Konstanz is one unique way in which we help promote the interplay between culture, society and science. It is a special public event which includes lectures and scientific discussions as well as exciting tours and fascinating experiments.
  • The referral of experts from specific fields to media representatives is a key component of the transfer work we carry out in the area of science communications, where we regularly interact with actors from society, industry, politics, culture as well as further stakeholders. Through the profound discourse that it generates, this kind of exchange not only helps to provide solutions to societal problems, but it also keeps the flow of information transparent and responsible, improves education levels and stimulates understanding of and enthusiasm for science.
  • Furthermore, our researchers actively engage themselves as advisors and consultants in the most diverse constellations. One of many examples is the cultural studies researcher Dr Özkan Ezli. As the coordinator for the research priority "Migration in der globalen Gegenwart" (migration in the global present), he is the go-to person when it comes to the topics of migration and integration. Through his commitment to consulting, cooperating and organizing events, he acts as an interface between cultural-scientific reflection and socio-political issues.
  • Visit our Citizen science page to find out more about projects in which our community members help contribute to scientific research, such as the Konstanz life study.
  • The Centre of Excellence for Psychotraumatology at the University of Konstanz is a model outpatient and research clinic that focuses on treating refugees who have experienced trauma. The projects currently carried out by the clinic are being funded by the European Refugee Fund.
  • Pupils can gain an insider view of our university before beginning their university studies.
  • Take a look at our Projects and partners pages for further details. Here you can find out more about projects like our sign language app “Max and Eni”, our network of international partner universities and the broad spectrum of opportunities for refugees that we provide.