Arbeit an einem Projekt
Arbeit an einem Projekt

With, from and for one another

... in science, industry, politics, culture and society - this is an important goal for the University of Konstanz. The diverse activities carried out by our researchers in collaboration with our partners demonstrate how far we have come and how flexible we are in meeting this goal. Expert referrals, collaboration with schools, contract research, exhibitions, political consulting and university spin-offs are a few examples of these activities. We look forward to strengthening and promoting this transfer together and will continue to keep you up-to-date regarding our transfer activities. To find out more about our transfer activities and identify the relevant contact person, please select one of the topics below.

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Eine Lesung für Senta Trömel-Plötz

Die Sprachwissenschaftlerin begründete in ihrer Zeit an der Universität Konstanz die feministische Linguistik in Deutschland – Vorstellung ihres neuen Buches anlässlich ihres 80. Geburtstags

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Von den Vorteilen des Badens

„Reichenauer Sternstunden“ mit Vortrag zur Sinnenfeindlichkeit im Mittelalter und Thomas v. Aquins Antwort darauf

Hurt in the east – distance in the west

Research material of the interview project “Generation 1975 – being 14 in the new Germany” is being evaluated: 30 years after the Berlin Wall came down, the project initiator from the University of Konstanz considers the results so far.

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