Why does the University of Konstanz need a new development plan?

Since its foundation in 1966, the University of Konstanz has continuously developed further. The campus, originally intended for 3,000 students, is currently being used by over 13,000 people (11,000 students, 2,300 staff and numerous guests). In addition to the currently used 120,000 square metres of the campus area, the university expects that it will need another 55,000 square metres by 2060. This extension will provide the basis for realizing key future-oriented, scientific projects in Konstanz, for example, large-scale and profile-building projects within the framework of the Excellence Strategy, new Collaborative Research Centres and other collaborative research projects, research projects requiring specialized infrastructure as well as infrastructural framework conditions for modern teaching.

The university has nearly reached the limit of its spacial development potential – set by its development plan from the year 1969. To ensure that the university’s future development is not restricted by spatial limitations, the planning process for further amending the development plan has long been underway.

Since the development planning process and required assessments (especially in the areas of nature and monument conservation, transportation and traffic etc.) are very time-consuming, the involved parties have made sure to take a long-term view when updating the university’s development plan. The process, initiated by the city of Konstanz in 2011, is designed to provide the university with a structural development timeframe until the year 2060. This not only represents development potential for science and research, but it is also a central innovation factor for the Lake Constance region and the University of Konstanz, the largest employer in the city of Konstanz. The university expects that its structural development will create the conditions for both expanding its leading international role in science and research, and further strengthening Konstanz as a business location in the coming decades.