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The future of knowledge repositories: researching, collecting and teaching in the 21st century

Jürgen Mittelstraß/Ulrich Rüdiger (eds)

Konstanzer Wissenschaftsforum Volume 7, Universitätsverlag Konstanz, Konstanz 2016
ISBN 978-3-86764-716-8 | 32.00 €

During the last decade, the way we produce and handle knowledge as well as the relationship between knowledge and information have been subject to major changes due to digitisation and changing societal expectations. All institutions dealing with “the resource knowledge” are affected by these changes, especially universities, research facilities, archives, libraries and museums. Various areas need to be restructured to be able to meet the new the challenges posed by digital and global user requirements and increasing information density. However, it is not only institutions that are affected. Our intellectual culture, our understanding of knowledge and our knowledge systems are also subject to fundamental changes.

The discussion touches on various complex issues relevant to diverse areas including cultural-theoretical and technical ones, posing the following questions: What will our knowledge repositories look like in the future? How do we want to and how will we research, teach and preserve? The seventh conference proceedings of the Konstanz Science Forum seek to address these and other questions.

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