Advanced Flow Cytometry Seminar: A practical approach to panel design and optimization!

Wednesday, 10. October 2018
10.00 – 17.00


Annette Sommershof and Ricarda Schwab

Dr. Tim Schenkel and Dr. Sandra Blaszkiewicz (Application Specialists; BD Biosciences)

This one day workshop aims to extend the knowledge gained from the FlowKon course “Principles and Applications of Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting” and is especially relevant to those who have gained experience in the technique and those performing multicolour flow cytometry. The lecture will cover features of panel design and optimization of instrument setup for multicolor flow cytometry approaches e.g. balancing the expression level vs. ‑fluorochrome brightness, Application Settings, Windows Extension, Area Scaling Factor etc. Practical exercises, lots of examples and plenty of time for discussion and individual questions complete the seminar package.