Physikalisches Kolloquium: Theoretical approaches to active colloidal particles

Tuesday, 16. January 2018
15.15 – 16.45

R 513

Prof. Dr. Matthias Fuchs, Universität Konstanz

Prof. Dr. Joseph Brader, University of Fribourg, CH

Active particles in suspension are currently the subject of much attention. This is due largely to their ability to model self-organisation phenomena in biological systems, but also because they provide new opportunities for fundamental research in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics; assemblies of active particles are intrinsically out-of-equilibrium systems.

Several experimental model systems have been developed, such as catalytic Janus particles, colloids with artificial flagella and light activated particles.Theorists are thus challenged to develop first-principles theoretical approaches to describe these systems from microscopic starting points.

In this talk we will consider recent theoretical approaches to describing a number of interesting active phenomena: motility-induced phase separation, the response to spatially dependent  `activity fields' and the influence of activity on liquid crystal phases.