Symposium: Psychological Determinants of Endurance Performance

Wednesday, 18. October 2017
09.30 – 18.00

K7, University of Konstanz

Maik Bieleke (Department of Psychology) and Wanja Wolff (Department of History and Sociology)

The ability to endure physical performance over extended periods of time is an important
ability in daily life, and most prototypically required during athletic activities. In
exercise physiology, the capacity to endure strain is commonly studied from a purely
physiological point of view, assuming that people work to exhaustion like batteries.
Unlike a battery, however, people disengage from a straining activity even when their
physiological resources would allow them to continue. To date, most physiological research
does not account for this observation and remains silent on possible psychological
factors that might explain when and why people decide to disengage.

The symposium therefore brings together researchers from sport science, psychological
science, and neuroscience to discuss which factors limit performance in endurance
tasks. This creates a unique opportunity to integrate state-of-the-art knowledge across
disciplines, thus advancing our understanding of the psychological determinants of endurance
performance and inspiring future research.

The symposium is organized in the context of one of the Zukunftskolleg's interdisciplinary collaborative projects.