Young cave fish, born in June 2018 at the Limnological Institute of the University of Konstanz, swim with adult animals in the aquarium.

Cave fish born without a cave

Exciting scientific development at the University of Konstanz: After thousands of years underground, Europe’s first cave fish produce their first offspring outside of a cave system

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Ines Mergel, Public administration expert at the University of Konstanz

Transfer Award for Ines Mergel

University of Konstanz Society (UGK) and University of Konstanz establish Transfer Award: Public administration expert Ines Mergel selected to be the first laureate

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Hybridisation boosts evolution

International collaboration involving researchers from the University of Konstanz sheds new light on animal speciation and publishes findings in the scientific journal Nature Communications

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Campus der Universität Konstanz

Wie nachhaltig ist unsere Universität?

Der Nachhaltigkeitsbericht des Green Office der Universität Konstanz für 2016/2017 stellt Fortschritte fest – Schwerpunkte des Berichts liegen auf dem Energiewesen, dem Abfallmanagement und zum ersten Mal auch auf der vom Studierendenwerk Seezeit betriebenen Mensa

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Changes in the proportion of NSDAP voters in counties and county boroughs from the German parliamentary (Reichstag) elections in September 1930 to those in July 1932. Red dots mark Hitler's appearances between the two election dates. Copyright: Simon Munz

Hitler: election campaigner with limited influence?

Political scientists in Konstanz and Berlin qualify the perception of Hitler as one of the most influential speakers in history through their extensive analysis of Adolf Hitler’s election campaign appearances and election results between 1927 and 1933

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