Spielende Kinder im Kinderhaus der Universität Konstanz

Education a top priority

A public opinion survey conducted in eight Western European countries by university researchers from the working group of policy analysis and political theory provides detailed new information about the public’s viewpoint on education policy

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Veranstaltungsreihe „Grenzgänger Wissenschaft" im pano

How can science support integration?

[Only available in German] You are cordially invited to attend the next lecture in the "Grenzgänger Wissenschaft" series on 20 June 2017, which is entitled: „Angekommen und dann? Wie kann Wissenschaft Integration unterstützen?“.

Please note that the talk and discussion will be held in German.

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For the good of science

Human health impact and cost estimates attributed to endocrine disrupting chemicals are unfounded, say toxicologist Daniel Dietrich and epidemiologist Gregory G. Bond in the scientific journal "Archives of Toxicology".

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