Buntbarsch Perissodus microlepis, im afrikanischen Tanganjikasee beheimatet. Copyright: Heinz Büscher

“Left-handed” fish

Konstanz biologists discover relationship between “handedness”, brain structure and genes in extremely specialised cichlid fish

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Segelboot auf dem Bodensee

The future of democracy

[Only available in German] "Grenzgänger Wissenschaft" with a discussion on various perspectives on democracy and its cultural mechanisms

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Luftaufnahme der Universität Konstanz

Over 30 years of regional participation

[Only available in German] University of Konstanz foundation "Stiftung und Wissenschaft" honours Professor Grossniklaus with Tina Ulmer Teaching Award at 35th annual regional economic forum.

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Y-Gebäude der Universität Konstanz

Happy Birthday

Since its inception ten years ago, the University of Konstanz’s Zukunftskolleg has successfully established effective structures for the advancement of junior researchers

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