Foto von Demonstrierenden

The power(lessness) of the street

[Only available in German] Foyer Forschung: A discussion hosted by the Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Social Integration"on the topic of the influence and risk of citizen protest

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Tablet-Display in Benutzung

Digitally trained

The University of Konstanz receives funding from the Ministry of Economics in Stuttgart as one of six projects on the use of digitisation in professional training

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Sovereign debt in the twentieth century

A scientific network involving the economic historian Junior Professor Julia Rischbieter from the University of Konstanz examines the significance and effects of sovereign debt by investigating the actions of individual agents

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Das Zukunftskolleg im Y-Gebäude der Universität Konstanz.

The science of tomorrow

The University of Konstanz’s Zukunftskolleg has existed for ten years. “In dialogue” with us, its director, Professor Giovanni Galizia, explains why cooking together can take science forward. The fellows Dr Jennifer Randerath and Dr Dennis Pingen explain what they value most about the Zukunftskolleg.

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Quantengatter aus zwei Silicium-Elektronen. Die Drehimpulse der beiden Elektronen werden durch zwei Nano-Elektroden (VL und VR) kontrolliert. Eine dritte Nano-Elektrode (VM) koordiniert die Interaktion beider Elektronen.

Stable quantum bits

Physicists from Konstanz, Princeton and Maryland create a stable quantum gate as a basic element for the quantum computer

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