Sport mit Spaß

Zur dreizehnten Ausgabe der Eurokonstantia werden wieder Gäste aus ganz Europa und

dem Nahen Osten erwartet

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Storch fliegt auf eine Gruppe von Weißstörchen im Feld zu. Foto: Christian Ziegler. Copyright: MaxCine, Max-Planck-Institut für Ornithologie in Radolfzell

Storks on the wing

Researchers are able to predict which storks are likely to migrate to Africa in the autumn and which ones are likely to remain in Europe

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Secure beginnings

The “Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse” based at the University of

Konstanz is to receive funding from the Carl-Zeiss Foundation

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The merits of dialogue

[Only available in German] Podium discussion with the authors of “Mit Rechten reden” (talking to right-wingers) and researchers from the University of Konstanz’s Centre of Excellence “Cultural Foundations of Social Integration”

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Skizze vom Kuckuckswels

Brood parasitism in fish

Biologists from Brno (Czech Republic) and the University of Konstanz prove that “evolutionary experience” as well as individual learning protects cichlid fish from the brood parasitism practised by the African cuckoo catfish

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Copyright: Franzis von Stechow

Excellence in teaching and research

[Only available in German] The University of Konstanz’s Department of Politics and Public Administration celebrates its 50th anniversary with a publication on its eventful history

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