Presseinformation Nr. 83 vom 14. Juli 2011

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Why internet terrorism restricts itself

Terrorism Researcher Dr. Thomas Rid from Konstanz on Al-Qaeda's Crisis and the Weaknesses of its Web-Based Organisational Structure

The global Jihad has frayed and is massively losing support in the Islamic world. The legitimacy of radical Islamism has long been falling in the eyes of the moderate Muslim societies and the fringes of the militant movement is fraying at the edges," explains the expert on political violence," Dr. Thomas Rid on the occasion of the killing of Osama bin Laden and the…

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Quality of Studying Monitor 2010: Outstanding Satisfaction Ratings among Konstanz's Students

Above average results at the University of Konstanz over four years in series

Just under eight out of ten students at the University of Konstanz, 77.1%, like studying at their university. Consequently, the overall satisfaction level is well above the German average of 69.9%. The satisfaction levels for the academic quality of the courses is also higher than the national level (78,9% vis-a-vis 72,2%) as are the satisfaction levels for the number of participants in the courses (55.6% vis-à-vis…

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Another Research Project on Solar Energy at the University of Konstanz

"SolarWinS" funded with just under 1.2 million Euros

On 1 February 2011, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) approved the national collaborative project "SolarWinS" (Solar Research Cluster to determine the maximum efficiency levels of polycrystalline silicon) in which the University of Konstanz is participating with a major sub-project.

This collaboration with SolarWinS aims to determine the maximum efficiency level of polycrystalline silicon…

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First of its kind in Germany

The University Library at Konstanz celebrates 10 years of 24/7 service despite its partial closure

After opening on 2 April 2001, the Library at the University of Konstanz has also been open at night and during the day including Sundays for 10 years now. The Library University at Konstanz became the first university to make its stocks and workplaces available day and night. Since then, the library was only closed to the public at night and during the weekend. This unique service opened up…

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