Origami-Schmetterlinge. Foto: Izabelite

Life's origami

[Only available in German] "Zukunftskolleg Lecture" with Professor Vinod Subramaniam from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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Mario Testa, Marius Busemeyer, Damian Miller und Helmut Weber (v.l.) auf dem Podium der Veranstaltung „Grenzgänger Wissenschaft“

Social advancement through education?

[Only available in German] Three researchers from Konstanz and Kreuzlingen took a close look at the connections between social background, success in school, vocational training and social advancement at the "Grenzgänger Wissenschaft" talk

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Foto von Demonstrierenden

The power(lessness) of the street

[Only available in German] Foyer Forschung: A discussion hosted by the Centre of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Social Integration"on the topic of the influence and risk of citizen protest

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