Blick auf die Universität Konstanz aus der Luft
Blick auf die Universität Konstanz aus der Luft

The Excellence Initiative at the University of Konstanz

From the very beginning of the Excellence Initiative in 2006, the University of Konstanz has been successful in all three funding lines of the Excellence Initiative. The goal of the Excellence Initiative is to promote top-level research and to strengthen the research location in a sustainable way.
The University of Konstanz was successful in the first year of the Excellence Initiative when its Cluster of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Social Integration” was recognised in 2006. This was followed with the recognition of its institutional strategy "Modell Konstanz - Towards a Culture of Creativity” as well as its Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology in 2007.
In the second round of the Excellence Initiative, the university enhanced its standing with its Graduate School of Decision Sciences, the extension of the previously accepted programmes, and the repeated recognition of its institutional strategy.

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