Blick auf die Universität Konstanz aus der Luft
Blick auf die Universität Konstanz aus der Luft

The Excellence Initiative and Strategy at the University of Konstanz

The University of Konstanz is one of eleven universities or university consortia that will receive funding as Universities of Excellence in Germany. With its overall concept “University of Konstanz – creative.together” and with its two new Clusters of Excellence “Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour” and “The Politics of Inequality: Perceptions, Participation and Policies“, it is successful in both funding lines of the Excellence Strategy of the German Federal and State Governments. It has received funding in all three funding lines of the precursor programme, the Excellence Initiative, since 2007. The overall aim of both Excellence programmes is to promote top-level research and to strengthen Germany as a research location in a sustainable way. Only six universities nationwide have been consistently recognized as Universities of Excellence since 2007.

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ICARUS has been switched on: Testing has started

The animal observation system ICARUS on the International Space Station (ISS) with participation of the University of Konstanz entered its test phase today, 10 July 2019 – Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK) of Baden-Württemberg supports the further development of the Movebank database for the tracking of animal movement

Measuring light, time and vacuum

Physicists from the University of Konstanz analyze the quantum states of both light and vacuum fluctuations and demonstrate their interplay with time

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Institutional strategy and research facilities associated with the Exzellence Initiative and Exzellence Strategy