Regional Science Forum

The University of Konstanz and the Stiftung “Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft” co-organise the Regionales Wissenschaftsforum (Regional Science Forum), which takes places annually in turn either in Donaueschingen (Museum Art.Plus) or in Tuttlingen (Aesculap AG). The event is built around a scientific lecture on a current topic delivered by a University of Konstanz member, which is followed by a discussion. During the event, the University of Konstanz also awards the Tina-Ulmer-Lehrpreis and the Manfred-Ulmer-Stipendium.

35th Regional Science Forum on 9 November 2017 in Tuttlingen

The Stiftung “Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft” invites you to attend the 2017 edition of the Regional Science Forum. Admission is free, but please register beforehand. The keynote on “Digitale Ungleichheit und ihre politischen Gründe” (digital inequality and its political roots) will be delivered by the political scientist Professor Nils Weidmann.

Date: Thursday, 9 November 2017

Doors open at: 18:30

Start: 19:00

Location: Aesculapium, Aesculap AG Tuttlingen, Am Aesculap-Platz, 78532 Tuttlingen (sat nav: Bahnhofstraße 137)

Shuttle service: There is a free bus service for guests travelling from Konstanz. It departs the University of Konstanz at 17:00 and Tuttlingen at around 22:30. We will announce further details a few weeks ahead of the event.

34th Regional Science Forum on 10 November 2016 in Donaueschingen

In 2016, the keynote was delivered by Professor Bernd Stiegler, professor of modern German literature. He spoke about “Sherlock Holmes, Geister und Elfen. Conan Doyle und die Photographie” (Sherlock Holmes, ghosts and elves. Conan Doyle and photography)

33rd Regional Science Forum on 13 November 2015 in Tuttlingen

At the heart of this year’s event was the keynote speech “Tiere als unsere Augen und Ohren in der Welt” (animals as our eyes and ears in the world) by Professor Martin Wikelski, professor of biology at the University of Konstanz and director of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell. At the science forum, the Manfred-Ulmer-Stipendium and the Tina-Ulmer-Lehrpreis were awarded.

32nd Regional Science Forum on 11 December 2014 in Donaueschingen

Once again, the Stiftung “Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft an der Universität Konstanz” issued its annual invitation to the Regional Science Forum, which has taken place in the region for more than 30 years. The Science Forum took place in the Museum Biedermann. The university also awarded the Manfred-Ulmer-Stipendium and the Tina-Ulmer-Lehrpreis. The keynote speech on the leftist milieu of the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1970s and 80s was delivered by Sven Reichardt, professor of contemporary history at the University of Konstanz. This event was generously supported by the Museum Biedermann, IMS Gear and Biedermann Getränke.

31st Regional Science Forum on 20 November 2013 in Tuttlingen

The keynote speech was delivered by the Konstanz biologist Professor Elke Deuerling. Her topic was “Molekulare Bodyguards: Wie Chaperone unsere Zellen fit halten und vor Stress, Krankheiten und dem Altern beschützen” (molecular bodyguards: how chaperones keep our cells fit and shield them from stress, illness and ageing).

The University of Konstanz also awarded the Manfred-Ulmer-Stipendium and the Tina-Ulmer-Lehrpreis.